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A Business inspired by Awethenticity

Building a business is hard work. During the past year I have experienced a healthy dose of awe serving the right people at the right time with the right mix of people and resources. 

When I restarted my business in the wake of the pandemic and rebranded it to Awesome & Authentic, I was driven by a mission: to make awethenticity the currency of human experience. People think innovation is about new ideas. However, the idea was only the birthplace of the new vision behind the business. I needed a community of believers and a team of doers, experience designers and dreamers who would help me achieve the mission. Slowly, the team is growing, the clientele is growing and I am grateful for it. 

Recently, I was in conversation with David Redhill (photo above), former global CMO of Deloitte, who loves and supports the core idea behind the business I am building. I hold his words and advice about human experience, technology, and society as a guiding light to how I serve and grow my business. 

Stay tuned and I welcome you to join the awethenticity movement by following on Instagram and @AwethenticCo on Twitter for design and marketing inspiration. Also, to learn about a Magical May giveaway that we are curating right now. May is the birth month of the business and we are thrilled about celebrating our birthday. The only way we know how to celebrate is by a free giveaway that helps entrepreneurs and others who dream of being their own boss build a human-centred business. 

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