Provocations: Break the mould

What if everything you want to do is entirely possible? Chances are you simply need to get out of your own way. Break the mould if it needs breaking. Break the script you keep narrating to yourself; the script that is too hard wired in your psyche. What if you could listen to the music of your soul? What if you allowed yourself to make what you were born to make? All of us have gifts and talents that are waiting to be unravelled. What if you shared your talents with the world? The notion of sharing your talents unabashedly scares many mortals. Some people become good at hiding their talents over time. Get out of your own way. 

If you ever tried joining the 5 am club (those folk who wake up by 5 am), you would have learned a thing or two about yourself. You may have learned that in the quiet and beautiful optimism of the morning, when the rest of the world is asleep, you are able to listen to the quiet yearnings of the soul. Morning pages are the perfect channel to lay your soul bare, to queue in and listen to what your body already knows and is trying to tell you. 

Before the beautiful mess of life shook your confidence for the first time, what defined you as a human? What did you want to make then? What role did you want to play on this planet? In a world with too much noise and pressure to be anyone but yourself, remembering who you are and becoming more ‘you’ is the biggest revolutionary act. Mute the outside noise for a bit. Turn up the volume of the whispers within your soul. What do you hear?  

Ask as many questions as are necessary or helpful. 

Who were you before you became a parent? 

What did you want before you spent years committed to a profession? 

What did you value before the society and the advertising machine started brainwashing you? 

Becoming your authentic self is the ultimate form of art. You may have to unlearn years of conditioning and strip off the armour that you keep on yourself to protect yourself from the world. Imagine if the world could see you exactly as you are? What if there was enough space to accomodate and celebrate all of you – your quirks, eccentricity, whims and dreams. We have wanted you to show up in your authenticity claiming space, all this time. We just forgot to tell you. Come as you are. 

Your dreams may need adjustment every now and then. An adjustment or tweak does not mean that there is something wrong with your dreams. The fact that you have those dreams speaks of the yearnings of your soul. The change you want to see in the world emerges from the sounds, contours and shape of your deepest desires. The world you imagine with your eyes wide open is waiting to be created, by you as the curator in chief. What would you do if you actually believed in the possibility of being the curator? 

A loss of sorts or grief may have transformed you. You may find it hard to remember who you really were before the transformation began. Notice what you learned from your experience of loss. Pay attention to the details of how losing became a defining moment in your life. Between the self that you were and the one you are becoming, there is an awakening that is discernible to the naked eye. Welcome the awakening with an open heart and open mind.