Brisbane Mornings

Buying fresh Australian produce early in the morning is one of my favourite ways of starting the day in Brisbane. People regularly visit a small cafe near my home in Taringa for coffee and breakfast.

The cafe owner is warm, knows his customers well, has excellent food and books. The books don’t cost a thing – they are for free. You can read the book or find it a new home.

My son and I had bought some fruits, vegetables, a loaf of bread and a food magazine from a shop near the cafe. A friendly old man in a red jumper saw my two year old and asked him about the little treasure he was holding in his hand. My little man was quick to show his dragon, sword and castle. The two of them formed an instant and heartwarming connection.

This is almost like any morning in Brisbane – strolling around the streets, parks and markets I experience encounters with friendly people and smiling faces. My senses are awakened by the vibe of the city, the glorious sunshine, the aromas of coffee and fresh produce.