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The importance of failure, f*ckups and errors

Our conversation about failure needs to be reframed.  It is ok to fail. I give you permission to fail. Now go do something and give yourself permission to fail.

I wrote this piece and originally posted it on Medium, after a night of being inspired by failures of female Venture Capitalists and entrepreneurs. You can read it here https://medium.com/@symaahmed/the-importance-of-failure-f-ckups-and-errors-f9fd612e7570 

Impact of Crisis on Brand Equity – Dreamworld Tragedy 2016

Dreamworld made world news during the past few days for all the wrong reasons. The tragic incident at Dreamworld Gold Coast is still unfolding as police carry out their investigations. We know one thing for sure – it is not opening as soon as Dreamworld and some fans would have hoped. (more…)

Falling in love with food in Australia

Buying fresh produce early in the morning could be the best way to start the day when you have some time on your hands. (more…)

Living a Life without the Pakistani Alarm Clock

I have to admit that I never fully appreciated my husband’s blog post titled “Silver Lining: The Electric Alarm Clock that is Pakistan” till I started living in Australia. alarm-clock-1193291_960_720