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Marketing – My Way

Customer experience is the new marketing [PERIOD… mic drop!]. I work to align processes and people in organisations to be more centred around the needs of the customers/ humans that they serve. My marketing practice of designing and managing experiences is embodied by collaboration that ignites stakeholders to care for customer goals. In my view, empathy for customer needs and pain points based on observation of behaviour, and their respective stories are the glue that unite all parties responsible for delivering exceptional and innovative customer experience. 

As an advocate of human-centred marketing, I believe that understanding the complexity of the human experience is the right way to build lasting customer loyalty and memorable experiences. The magical ingredient in modern marketing is to seamlessly integrate the teams working on brand, communications (digital and traditional), interaction design and user experience design. Digital marketing is a misnomer; in my experience of working with Fortune 500 brands and start-ups, siloed approaches within marketing departments and across departments simply don’t work. My practice is informed by degree qualifications in Marketing Management, Tourism, and Business Administration along with certifications in Positive Mental Health and Design Thinking.

For a decade and a half, I have been a practicing marketer, experience researcher, advertising professional, and an academic. Recently, the focus of my work has been on service innovation and touchpoint design to evoke positive emotions.