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For the love of Coffee

Brewing coffee in the French press is the absolute best way to start the day in my opinion. The fact that a cup comes packed with benefits, makes me just love this beverage and consume some more. Coffee is a complex drink with an interesting aroma which totally arouses my curiosity about the beverage and life.


Homemade (DIY) Rustic Dining Table

Table EdgeI am intrigued by how taken I am by the idea of a dining table. Perhaps the fact that I grew up in a house with a formal along with an informal dining table has to add to my love for dining tables. We are presently living in a villa which took over a year to build and over 2 years to plan. The dining area is the central facet of the open plan living area. Inspired by industrial design, our new home had to reflect a little bit of us and what we like – tons of whim, a rustic and eclectic appeal, and absolutely no gloss. (more…)

A letter to Evania Ahmed on her First Day to School

Today we have set you on a journey where you will discover yourself and the world around you. You are now free to make your own path in life on your own terms. (more…)