The ‘One Day I Will’ Trap

We have heard this phrase too often ‘one day I will…’ What stops us from living that one day (which seems so far away) today? One day …

… I will live in a stunning apartment overlooking the beach
… I will find time to read that books that have been catching dust in my study
… when I have accumulated enough in my savings, I’ll take my family on a dream vacation
… when I am old and wise, I will make my own decisions even if people who are dear to me don’t approve of my choices
… I will be an entrepreneur and be my own boss
… I will write the article that I have drafted in my head a hundred times

As dreamy as the notion of doing anything important or meaningful on this one day sounds, it constitutes a boring life in the present moment.

You can ask yourself a few questions here and now. Why not make that one day, today? Why are you not living the life you want to live? What is stopping you from becoming the person you want to be? How come you’re struggling to find the right words to say to the person who means a lot to you today? Your answers, if you are being honest and authentic, may surprise you. Are there ways that you can bridge the distance between now and that one day in the future? 

It’s important to check our assumptions every now and then. We don’t necessarily have to be rich, stable, and old to be living in that perfect place that you would like to call home. Various activities are truly soul inspiring and life changing experiences when we are young and curious … romance, love, money, vacations, a place you call home, having children, spirituality, giving, work, fitness … the list goes on. Why wait for that one day when we should be living life to the fullest today. Read that book, carry your body feeling the air kissing your skin and sand underneath your feet; do something that brings you realistically closer to that one perfect day dream.

It’s easy to throw the burden around and make the challenge appear bigger than it really is … ‘If I didn’t have my parents to take care of’, ‘if I had some more money,’ ‘if I wasn’t so scared’, ‘if my spouse supported me more’, ‘if my boss wasn’t a maniac’, ‘if my kids didn’t drive me up the wall’, ‘if I was born in America’, ‘If I had more guts’, the list (of excuses and reasoning) goes on.

Most of the time the only person standing between you and your one day dream is your own self, your limiting beliefs, your inner demons, and boogiemen.

Humans can be diehard masochists who, consciously or inadvertently, trained themselves to enjoy misery. Thoughts like ‘I don’t deserve to be living the dream’, ‘how dare I? what will people think of me?’ There is folklore and true stories of legends in history who shined bright like diamonds after hard times. Perhaps tragedy sounds glamorous; it makes getting out of the bed nice and early in the morning difficult. Living a happy life today may require giving up a few wrong romantic notions that we may have about how life should be lived. Perhaps you will never be that rich, or that thin, or that famous, or whatever your aspiration is. Or perhaps you will be. Choosing to live a content and meaningful life today can help you achieve your goals more effectively and the journey to shangrilla just might be less painful too.

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